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Seven Signs Your Thyroid Isn't Doing Its Job

You may think of people with thyroid disorders as being incredibly sick or weak, but the truth is, there are many Americans walking around with un-diagnosed thyroid disorders. The symptoms aren't always severe enough to prompt sufferers to seek treatment in the early stages. But learning the early signs that your thyroid isn't working properly will help ensure that you seek treatment early -- before you become bed-bound or profoundly ill. Here's a look at seven signs your thyroid gland is not doing its job.

You're always tired.

Many people blame their exhaustion on being overworked, stressed, or a poor sleeper. But if you're waking up feeling exhausted even after a full 8 hours of sleep, this could be a sign that your thyroid is under-active.

You can't shake those extra pounds.

If you've been eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise but those extra pounds just won't budge, you may be suffering from an under-active thyroid. Without enough thyroid hormone, your entire metabolism slows down, which makes it nearly impossible to shed weight.

You have trouble thinking.

"Brain fog" is a common symptom of an under-active thyroid. You may have trouble solving problems that you know are pretty basic, struggle to remember basic facts, and feel confused overall.

Your sex drive has disappeared.

Low libido can be caused by a whole range of health problems, from estrogen deficiency to depression. However, a lack of thyroid hormone is a common culprit in both men and women.

Your skin is always dry and itchy.

Do you slather on lotions and moisturizers, but find that your skins stays dry anyways? Are your nails also flaky and dry, while your hair has begun to look frizzy and brittle, too? Low levels of thyroid hormone interfere with your skin's regulation of moisture levels, leading to these symptoms.

You're frequently constipated.

If you have trouble going to the bathroom and frequently go several days between bowel movements, this could be a sign of low thyroid function. Some patients also suffer from belly cramps and other digestive discomforts.

Your muscles ache after the slightest activity.

Being stiff and sore after an intense gym session is normal, but if you're getting sore and achy after light activity like a walk in the park or a home cleaning session, something's up -- and that something just might be a thyroid disorder.

It's important to remember that while these symptoms appear frequently in people with thyroid hormone deficiencies, they can also be indicative of other ailments. So if you're suffering from any or all of the symptoms above, visit your doctor for an assessment. If you are indeed suffering from an under-active thyroid, starting treatment with hormone supplements will help you feel so much better.

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